FREE DSI Tempest Soundset: Hardwarecore #1




Free download via the DSI forum:  Free Download

This is a set of 64 patches that I programmed from scratch, consisting of:

– 16 Pad Sounds
– 16 Bass Sounds
– 16 Leads & Misc Sounds
– 16 Bass Drums

All patches designed from the ground up, starting with just a plain old saw wave.  So you won’t be getting a bank of existing sounds that have only had a couple of parameters changed.  I mostly used the analog oscillators with only touches of the sample oscillators where needed.

This had originally been for sale for $10 but I am now making it a free download.  I have another, substantially larger, pack that I will have up for sale in the near future.  For the handful of people who bought this original pack, I will happily refund you $10 off the purchase of the new pack when it is available, since this one is now free.  I thank you for your support.

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3 Responses to FREE DSI Tempest Soundset: Hardwarecore #1

  1. Dave says:

    Hi, I bought your soundbank, but cannot load them into midi ox. Is this a sysex file? thank you.Dave

    • hardwarecore says:

      Hi Dave, and thank you so much for buying my soundset, I really do appreciate it. The zip file that you downloaded will actually have both the WAV samples and the sysex files.

      When you first open the zip file, you should see 2 folders, one with the samples and one with the sysex. Within the sysex folder, you should have 2 separate sysex files: “Hardwarecore Lead, Effect, BD.syx” and “Hardwarecore Pads & Bass.syx”

      After you extract these from the zip file (to your desktop or wherever you like), you should be able to load them via Midi Ox. Each of them will contain 32 sounds and load up as one “Beat” in your Tempest’s load menu.

      If you still have problems with getting them loaded up, by all means, please let me know and I’ll do what I can to help further.

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