About Hardwarecore

I am a hermit who goes to work 9-5, M-F and plays with machines on nights and weekends.  I never got along well with computers for anything musical so it’s strictly hardware for me.  I spend a lot of time just noodling around with sounds, capturing loops and snippets that are the “best god damned thing I’ve ever heard” for use in an album that never materializes.  Not a professional musician in the least, but I love to talk about and learn about gear and help others find out more.  But not too much, as I rather despise most people.  So online discussion works best for me (no offense).  🙂

2 Responses to About Hardwarecore

  1. Luke says:

    Hey! I just found your site. I see it’s been a while since any updates. Just wondering if you’re still out there. Thanks!!

  2. Sadmoon says:

    Hello, thanks for your site, I am trying to find a copy of the ZIP disc SP-808EX “Demo songs and phrase sample. I have, unfortunately, overwritted it. Does someone know how to find it ?

    Thanks for your reply.

    Best regards,


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