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Synthstrom Audible Deluge (and how/why I found my way to it)

How I Found My Way To The Deluge I remember reading about the Deluge a couple of years back and thinking “Hmm.. that sounds pretty damn interesting, wonder if they can pull it off” after reading the rather ambitious feature … Continue reading

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SP-606 Out, MV-8800 In

So, in our last episode, I had sold off the SP-808 and brought in an SP-606.  I had hoped that it would be something of an update to the 808 to bring it into the 21st century and, in many … Continue reading

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Incoming! – Roland SP-606

I’ve been slowing down my gear purchases considerably lately but I just pulled the trigger on an SP-606 and it will, hopefully, allow to finally retire my big, bulky SP-808. A few key improvements over the 808 that led me to … Continue reading

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Why My Honeymoon Phase With The Analog Rytm Ended

So, I got a Rytm a while back and I was initially pretty psyched about it.  It is an amazing machine that covers a lot of ground that my Tempest does not.  It has a much more immediate synth engine … Continue reading

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Korg Electribe ESX-1 Soundset: SKS-01

This is sort of a “bread & butter” sample pack for the ESX-1, commonly used sounds with some room left over to work with.  It consists of drum kits sampled into one long sample and then sliced into individual hits. … Continue reading

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FREE DSI Tempest Soundset: Hardwarecore #1

    Free download via the DSI forum:  Free Download This is a set of 64 patches that I programmed from scratch, consisting of: – 16 Pad Sounds – 16 Bass Sounds – 16 Leads & Misc Sounds – 16 Bass … Continue reading

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Elektron Analog Rytm Vs. DSI Tempest – Either/Or? Or Ying & Yang?

When it comes to drum machines, the punchy, analog Roland TR’s have been the holy grail for a long time.  In just the past few years, the 808 and 909 have just about doubled in price on the used market, … Continue reading

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