Novation Bass Station 2

This is an analog monosynth with DCO’s.  It builds on the original Bass Station and adds many improvements for the 21st century.

I bought it because I was looking for a mono that was a bit smoother and more suited to general purpose sound design than my Minibrute and Microbrute.  I was also curious as to how good of a 303 impersonation it might do.  Well, as it turns out, not so hot on the 303 impersonation, in my opinion.  But it is very capable of producing a nice, warm sound without as much of an edge as the ‘Brutes.  After further experimentation with the arpeggiator and some extreme modulations, it can also sound quite abrasive (in a very good way).  Messing around with the filter routed to the mod envelope and the arp, I’ve been knocking out some very glitchy, rhythmic business.  I plan on sampling loops of some of this madness and chopping them up into Somatic Responses style drum kits.

I drooled over pictures of the BS2 for quite some time after it came out and, once I got it, I was quite surprised that the entire body of the synth is plastic.  From online images, I guess I was expecting an aluminum body with a little bit of weight to it.  It doesn’t matter much, really, as my equipment doesn’t leave the house.  But I suppose if you were hauling this thing from show to show, it might make you a little nervous.

All in all, I highly recommend the BS2 either by itself or in conjunction with the Minibrute (or Microbrute).  I had worried that there might be too much overlap but, honestly, there is really not much at all.  I like to midi them up, route the BS2 through the Minibrute and layer the abrasive tones of the MB over a warm, smooth, deep bass tone from the BS2.  It works beautifully.  I also like to turn it around and route my TT-303 through the BS2, simply to use the onboard overdrive and a very, very light touch of its distortion effect.


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