Current Gear


Arturia Minibrute – Analog monosynth

Digitech RP50 – Multi-effects pedal

DSI Tempest – Analog drum machine / polysynth / groovebox

Future Retro FR-777 – Analog monosynth / TB-303 “emulator”

Korg DS-8 – 4-op digital FM synth

MOTU Midi Timepiece AV – Programmable midi router

Radikal Technologies Spectralis – Hybrid synth / sampler / groovebox

Roland DJ-70 Mk1 – Keyboard sampler

Roland JP-8000 – 8-voice virtual analog synth

Roland MC-909 – Rompler / drum machine / sequencer / sampler / groovebox

Roland SP-808 – Phrase sampler / 4 track recorder / effects unit / virtual analog monosynth

Roland VS-840 – 8 track digital recorder



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