Gear For Sale

I usually have at least a few things for sale at any given time and I absolutely hate to give Ebay any money.   Whenever possible, I try to sell outside of Ebay and, instead of paying fees to Ebay, pass some savings on to my buyer.  Your purchase is just as secure as it would be with Ebay, as Paypal offers full buyer protection.  Items ship from Wisconsin and I prefer to deal only within the United States.  Prices include shipping via USPS.

I update this page every time something is sold.  So if you see it listed here, you can be sure that it is still available.  I check in here several times a day, so just drop me a message in the comments section if you see anything you’re interested in.  Currently, I have:

Roland SP-606 – Perfect, like new condition.  Comes with original power supply, 512mb CF card, Belkin USB card reader, CDr with the P606 software on it.  $300

Korg Electribe ESX-1 – Perfect working condition with all knobs present, no major scratches or marks, etc, comes with 32mb Smartmedia card and original Korg power supply.  $350

Touchprone Midi to Clock – This is a small, passive  converter box that will change a midi signal to a clock signal.  Comes in handy quite a bit and takes up practically no space at all.  $50

Yamaha MT50 – Works perfectly and in excellent cosmetic condition.  Comes with an aftermarket power supply.  $40

Tascam Porta One – Unfortunately, the tape deck does not work (could just need a new belt or tape head, not sure exactly) but everything else works.  It makes a nice summing mixer if you have a few synths  you want to mix to go into a sampler, for example.  Nice warm analog sound with pan and EQ on each of the four channels.  No power supply but it’s easy enough to find one, or it can run on batteries.  $40



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